about alfredo's taqueria


The Garcia-Ibarra family welcomes you to join their family and enjoy the authentic and savory flavors of Alfredo’s Taqueria – located in downtown Downers Grove, IL. Formerly known as Boagies, Alfredo’s Taqueria was born from merging the popular American favorites of Boagies with the traditional Mexican dishes of the Garcia-Ibarra family.

Dining at Alfredo’s Taqueria is like sitting down for a meal with Alfredo and his family as prepared by his mother and grandmother. The diverse and popular Mexican menu is comprised of the beloved recipes Martha has prepared for years. The 9th of 13 children, Martha has been preparing and serving meals since she was a young girl in Zacatecas, Mexico. Keeping with the traditions she was entrusted with by her mother Gregoria, Martha is right at home in the kitchen and takes great pleasure preparing meals for family and friends. When she lived in rural Zacatecas, her culinary delights were known for miles around. She passed her love of family, food, and tradition down to her only son Alfredo.

Alfredo was born and raised in rural Zacatecas and experienced a true farm-to-table lifestyle as a child. His days were filled with the activities of life on a ranch: harvesting corn, tending to cattle, and cooking. He immigrated to the United States as a teenager, yet as a young adult new to the United States, he longed for the savory and fresh meals prepared by his mom and abuela. After 6 years apart, Alfredo had the opportunity to bring Martha to the United States.

Alfredo always knew he wanted to own a restaurant and in February 2010, with Martha and her arsenal of recipes by his side, he made that dream a reality. Every Mexican food dish served at Alfredo’s is made from fresh ingredients, prepared to order, and made with the same love and attention passed on for generations.

Gracias y bien provecho.